Why did ApexHealth build our model around ApexAssistants?

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At ApexHealth, we want to inspire our members to live life boldly. We’re taking a bold approach, too, especially when it comes to customer service. We imagined a health insurance company that provides individualized service to each and every one of its members, and we wanted to make that a reality.

HealthMine asked 781 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries about how they feel their plan helps them manage their health. About 40% of those surveyed said that their health plans’ communications felt “impersonal or mass-oriented.” When asked how well they feel their plan knows them, only 19% said “very well” while 15% said “knows nothing,” 23% said “not very well” and 43% said “somewhat well”. With this in mind, we knew we could do better. Personalized care is not just preferred, it’s the expectation.

ApexHealth takes your health care personally. We believe in a holistic approach to customer service that will save our members time, while giving you an unparalleled member experience. When you are enrolled in an ApexHealth Medicare Advantage Plan, you are connected with an ApexAssistant who will help you understand and make the most of your benefits.  

We know Medicare can be confusing and navigating the health care system takes time. ApexAssistants are here to help you cut through the confusion and take the stress out of managing your health care. Your ApexAssistant can help schedule doctor’s appointments (and remind you not to miss them), ensure access to routine care and supplemental benefits, and support your personal goals. They will act as your advocate when you need special approval for claims or to help resolve any issues with doctors or hospitals. It’s great to have someone on your side as you go ahead and live the life you want to lead.


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