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Personalization is something that’s missing a lot in healthcare right now. Technology has evolved to help make things easier, but it’s important to find a balance between innovation and providing a personal touch for Medicare Advantage plan members. That’s what ApexHealth is doing – providing a new level of personal service with ApexAssistants

Meet Jacob, an ApexAssistant. Jacob joined the ApexHealth team after years spent working in restaurants, an environment that lends itself to service. We caught up with him during his training to find out how it was going, how he feels about his role as an ApexAssistant and how ApexAssistants take your health care personally.

“Service is very important, especially in healthcare,” he says. “Too often, a person calls a number and is greeted by a robot or a tedious phone menu. This becomes impersonal and makes someone feel lost.”

From his background, Jacob is familiar with all levels of service, and thanks to his training, his healthcare knowledge base has grown exponentially over the past few months. Angel Walker, Team Lead of Concierge Services and her team have put together a robust training program to give ApexAssistants resources they need to not only assist with resolving the needs of our members and providers, but to anticipate and support needs as well. “We are a white-glove concierge service that helps our members live life boldly,” she says.

So how do ApexAssistants work with ApexHealth members?

When you call ApexHealth with an interest in enrolling in one of our Medicare Advantage plans, you’ll speak with an ApexAssistant who can serve you as a licensed sales agent right away, and that person will then go on to become your main point of contact in a customer service role, sticking with you as long as you are a member. “ApexAssistants like me can guide people through the enrollment process, including answering any questions, helping fill out forms and enrolling in our online portal,” says Jacob.

Once you’re enrolled in an ApexHealth Medicare Advantage plan, your ApexAssistant will reach out and welcome you. “One of the great things about the service we provide is that it’s unique to each individual. We’ll ask what level of care you want, how often you prefer to communicate and what you’re preferred method of communication is,” he adds.

Anticipated needs ApexAssistants will provide for members include:

  • Navigating your prescription needs, explaining your coverage information, and answering any questions you may have
  • Scheduling appointments, annual wellness visits (AWVs) and screenings
  • Assisting with connecting you to supplemental benefits to help you live the life you want to lead
  • Connecting you with specialists, hospitals or other providers in your area

As an advocate who is on your side to help and guide you, ApexAssistants are also trained to be able to help you apply for Extra Help to pay for your Medicare Part D coverage. If you receive a high medical bill, they can help you by walking you through the process of calling the provider, building your confidence and helping you to resolve the issue. These are just some examples.

“We want to help take the stress out of managing your health care and empower people to use resources available including the online member portal and ApexExtras designed to help you get more out of life,” says Jacob.

ApexAssistants are your personal experts who know you, your plan, your preferences, your needs. Learn more about this new level of personal service.  


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