The ApexHealth story: why we started and what we’re going to do

The ApexHealth Story - Apex Blog

At ApexHealth, we want to make Medicare more personal. So, let’s start off by sharing our story and showing you a little bit of who we are. As a company, ApexHealth was founded in 2018 by Jon Cotton right after the sale of Meridian Health Plan; his family’s longstanding business. It didn’t take long for Jon and his experienced team to jump right back into their work in the healthcare industry. After a very brief hiatus that lasted only over Labor Day weekend, the ApexHealth team got right back to work on something that they are very passionate about – improving lives.

“We all couldn’t wait to plug in our own computers and get right to work building something that we were so passionate about,” says Cotton. “We spent the first six months of our operations working out of a one-room former rug shop where we all worked elbow to elbow on cobbled together workstations and furniture. We wouldn’t trade those days for anything.”

“Being a part of the ApexHealth team is the opportunity of a lifetime,” says Sara Dolesh, Executive Coordinator. “While we all might have specific job titles, there is no line where one’s job ends and another’s begins. Everyone’s ideas are encouraged and accepted. Being a part of ApexHealth goes beyond being a part of a team, it’s being a part of a family.”

It’s this family concept and our strong team that translates into the level of care that we aim to provide to all of our members. “At ApexHealth, we all share the same cultural DNA and understand the magnitude of what we are doing. This not only drives our operations, but it is the impetus behind every decision made at ApexHealth,” says Cotton. “Ultimately, the effect is the quality of care that we provide, and the positive impact that we have on each and every one of our members.”

Technology and fancy algorithms are what get all the buzz in healthcare today. We view technology as an accelerant to the core of operations not what differentiates us. Our secret sauce is the people behind ApexHealth. It’s not enough to preach about the importance of caring for every ApexHealth member as if they were our family, you must actually do it.

“To me, being a part of the ApexHealth team means surrounding myself with like-minded and tenured industry professionals who are driven by the same purpose – to provide an unsurpassed healthcare experience to the Medicare Advantage beneficiaries whom we serve. It means bringing authenticity and innovation to deserving markets that are otherwise expected to settle for the status quo. It means cultivating symbiotic relationships that poise the company and our members for success,” says Nate Martin, Manager of Medicare Compliance.

The healthcare industry is front and center in this country.  People’s healthcare is so important to them, for obvious reasons. This is why having the right mission and the right experienced, energetic and dedicated team is so very important. The value is not just from working in the healthcare industry, but it’s the type of healthcare we come from. We know that what we provide, and what we are passionate about doing, is unique and specialized. 

“We want to encourage and enable our members to not only receive the care they deserve, but care that exceeds their expectations,” says Angel Walker, Team Lead of Concierge Services. “We understand how stressful navigating Medicare benefits can be, and we want to take the stress off their shoulders.”

“ApexHealth realizes that striving to provide the highest quality healthcare in a competitive environment is simply not enough,” says Holly Jones, Medicare Operations Coordinator. “ApexHealth was built to achieve a deeper connection with the people who need it the most. Being part of the ApexHealth team means inspiring each other to create ideas, develop systems, and empower our members to live a bold and passionate lifestyle.”

Overall, we are excited for this opportunity to provide value; whether it’s to our members, providers, the federal government, the tax payers, or our ApexHealth team members. Until the day comes where we don’t, we will be here improving lives. 


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