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Woman receives chiropractic adjustment provided by her Medicare Advantage plan

How chiropractic care and acupuncture can help you live boldly

At ApexHealth, we believe in comprehensive care to help you live boldly in mind and body! You may have heard this idea referred to as whole person wellness. All too often, we take care of our health only when there's a problem, but ongoing prevention and maintenance can help you avoid bigger health problems. 


Woman meditates in a field after learning stress tips

Tips for reducing stress as you age

As we get older, there are many possible causes of stress, including worry about loved ones and concerns about finances. It's a good idea to be aware of stress and take action to deal with those feelings when they arise. Let's talk more about the importance of stress awareness and how to manage your stress.


Happy older man reading outside, enjoying cognitive and mental benefits

Seven cognitive and social benefits of reading

As we get older, we often consider how to keep our brains active so we can live life boldly. One great way to take care of our minds is by reading. Since March is National Reading Month, it's the perfect time to bring attention to the many cognitive, mental and social benefits of reading. 


Two women get ready to exercise in the winter in North and South Carolina

 Six tips to exercise more in the winter

One of the advantages of living in North and South Carolina is that we have many beautiful days all year round to get out and exercise. But rain, early evenings and colder days can make it harder than usual to get outside and stay active. Try these tips to make exercising in the winter easier!


Man and woman jogging after learning how to use their SMART goals to live boldly

How to use SMART goals to live life boldly

We've talked before about the idea of creating SMART goals (those that are specific, measurable, achievable, results-driven and timely). A SMART goal takes a lifestyle change like "I want to eat healthier this year" and makes it an actionable plan like "I will eat a side salad with every meal and only eat dessert on Friday this week."