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Man talks with his doctor about his options for kidney disease care

How Medicare can help you navigate kidney disease

Receiving a diagnosis for a chronic condition like kidney disease can be overwhelming, and you may not know where to find the support you need. During March, which is National Kidney Month, we want to bring attention to a few of the ways Medicare coverage can support your care during various stages of kidney disease.


Happy couple prepares for safe travel covered by Medicare

 How Medicare covers you when traveling

In retirement, you're probably getting ready for many adventures, including travel, which presents a chance to make memories and experience new things. Before you plan your next trip, however, it's a good idea to know how Medicare covers you when traveling domestically or internationally. Let's answer some common questions about traveling with Medicare.


Woman holding a payment card and smiling

Answers to 7 questions about Medicare flex cards

We've already talked about what's missing from Original Medicare and Medigap plans, including supplemental benefits – items or services that are covered by Medicare Advantage plans, not Original Medicare. One of the supplemental benefits Medicare Advantage plans may offer is a Medicare flex card. Here are answers to seven questions about Medicare flex cards.