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5 reasons to choose a Medicare plan from ApexHealth.

  1. We’re focused on Medicare (and you)

    When you have a specific medical need, you go to a specialist, right? Someone dedicated to one type of care. That’s ApexHealth. We’re specialists in Medicare. We know Medicare inside and out and only serve Medicare customers. So you can be assured we know how to meet your unique Medicare needs.

  2. We make Medicare simple

    ApexHealth wants to make Medicare easier to understand. That means translating “health care speak” into simple language and giving you convenient access to the information you need. It also means taking the hassle out of health care with benefits like no referrals for specialists and $0 copays for primary care visits.

  3. One word: ApexAssistants

    Enjoy a new level of one-on-one service with our team of personal ApexAssistants, who are always on your side, at your service and just a phone call away. Want to compare differnet plans and costs? Have a question about a bill? Need to find a doctor or facility. ApexAssistants are like having your very own Medicare experts.

  4. So. Much. Value.

    Our plans include so many exciting ApexExtras, from extra dental coverage to money for hearing aids and glasses. It’s the kind of extra value that helps you live life boldly (and saves you money along the way).

  5. Quality is one of our best qualities

    ApexHealth is committed to providing outstanding quality in everything we do. We carefully select top doctors and hospitals to build a strong provider network. We’ve created affordable plans that feature the coverage you need. And our highly-trained Concierge Services team, which includes our ApexAssistants, is second to none. All for one important reason: you deserve the best!

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We go way beyond traditional customer service and bring you true human connection. Your dedicated personal assistant is ready and waiting to help you make appointments, find deals and navigate the health care world.

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