Why you’ll love Medicare.

And how we make it simple.

We know, it seems like everyone is always complaining about Medicare. It’s too complicated. It doesn’t cover enough. What are all the different parts anyway?

Here’s the thing: Medicare is actually a pretty great idea – taking care of people over age 65 and folks with certain health conditions.

And you get to choose the type of Medicare that suits your needs, from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage to Medicare Supplement.

For instance, some Medicare Advantage plans have $0 monthly premiums and much lower copays than what you may be paying now. They also offer a range of benefit and network options, and even include extra perks like an allowance for eyeglasses. In fact, we have a plan just like that! See if our $0 plan is available in your area.

ApexHealth makes Medicare simple!

For starters, you don’t have to go it alone. Your own personal ApexAssistant is at your disposal for just about anything, from making sense of plan benefits to making doctor appointments for you. We want you to take full advantage of all of your Medicare Advantage benefits — lots of stuff you probably had no idea could be part of a Medicare plan.

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