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ApexBlog - Medicare Timeline

Tips for staying on top of the Medicare timeline

At ApexHealth, we want to help you learn how Medicare works, when to sign up and more. This includes staying on top of the Medicare timeline because it can help you plan ahead and avoid paying late enrollment penalties.


ApexHealth - Understanding Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D: Understanding the basics

Unpacking Medicare means learning about all the different Medicare parts. The ApexHealth team gets asked a lot of questions about prescription drug coverage, so we want to help you better understand Medicare Part D.


ApexBlog - maximum out-of-pocket limits

5 answers to your questions about maximum out-of-pocket limits (MOOPs)

Understanding MOOP is important, but it can be a bit confusing. Because we're all about making Medicare simpler and easier to understand, the ApexHealth team wants to explain the term "maximum out-of-pocket limit" (MOOP) further and show how it affects your costs with Original Medicare, Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans.